My First Blog Anniversary :-)

Today 30th March 2017 is my first Blog Anniversary.

And boy Am I happy…?

Yes, I am happy… very very happy 🙂


I was about to publish my Book ‘Mann Ki आरज़ू’ (online you’ll find it as ‘Mann Ki Aarzoo’). I had started this blog because people told me that to bring my book to the public I must have social media accounts… like Instagram. Whatsapp, twitter, Fb page etc etc etc. so I went ahead and created this account not knowing what was here initially I was lost…had no one to teach me, the I followed community pool, The Daily Post and followed. So many of my questions were answered there by veteran bloggers. Daily post kept my brain from rusting by giving me new prompts to write on. Today I have 826 followers and I hope to complete my 1000 soon J  I have learnt so much from them. So many have come fwd to help me learn to blog in an effective way. Constructive criticism I have got here, made new friends, interacted with new bloggers, conducted interviews for my guest posts, and basically grown. I have made good friends here to name just a few will be an injustice to others… as each has helped me grow, some by their constructive criticism, others by their support, reflecting back on what I write, teaching me helping me when I have got stuck, basically helping me grow as a blogger.Keep your love pouring in as that is an elixir and motivation for me to write. My tag here has been..’Like, Comment, Share And Inspire.’  being a part of the  Success Inspirers’ World. Being a part of SIWO has been the best experience in the past one year. Thanks to Mr.Ngobesing Romanus I have been able to spread some smiles and send and all bloggers of SIWO  warm and happy birthday wishes.










Attaching only 1/9 pages containing 9 screenshots

Not wanting to bore you more I shall close with a poem on the orange dot on the bell that we all love so much. It has already been published here once but posting it again here. Do keep your love pouring in.


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To Myself


21 thoughts on “My First Blog Anniversary :-)”

  1. Ranjini Congrats! with big numbers I see you are flying in the air. The pace you have set shall bring you more stat figures and laurels.
    I was happy to see my name on top of the comments on your blog.
    Even I see this platform as an opportunity to budding and so also established writers.
    No wonder it creates wonder.
    Wonderful that it is.
    A stage so wide embracing
    all countries.
    Ranjini may you celebrate more and better Anniversaries.
    My count you may count anytime.
    Mera Saat Kabhibi Tumhare Saat.


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