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It’s a pleasure accepting any award nomination.  I‘m almost about to complete a year here on WordPress and I must say that it has been a really fulfilling journey here. I used to write before but now I’m a compulsive writer ;-). I would like to thank The Soulcentric Shivangi aka multitudeofmythoughts who found me worthy of this award. Shivangi, is an excellent wordsmith and I really enjoy reding her blogs. Seldom have I missed out on any post of hers. If I do tend to miss out on a few owing to my preoccupations I’ve always made it a point to search her out and read all her posts. They are too good to be missed. I am sure you will be impressed by visiting her blog and looking at life from her perspective.

  1. I am a mentor, mother and a published author. My book “Mann Ki Aarzoo” was showcased in New Delhi World Book Fair and Chennai Book Fair. It is available on Notion PressAmazon and Kindle India,  Amazon U.K and Kindle and Flipkart 
  2. My hobbies include gardening, cooking, eating (I’m a foodie), music (when I get time), driving and collection of branded Perfumes.
  3. My strength and my weakness is my love for animals. My blood boils if I see anyone abusing any animal… specially strays. I have three dogs and a cat of my own. They are 8 yrs old and ageing now. Besides these, my house is open to all the strays and injured animals I come across… be it a Bat, owl, dog, cat, birds, squirrels etc. if it is living and breathing it shall be taken care of. If dead the buried respectfully.
  4. I am more of an animal person than a human person… means that whenever possible I would rather speak to an animal than a human. And believe me, I find it much easier to communicate with them.
  5. I have zero tolerance for Hypocrites and double faced people and also those who use violence against kids and animals.
  6. Being a military daughter and a wife I’ve had plenty of opportunities of meeting different types of people and knowing their cultural backgrounds.
  7. I don’t have a habit of fingering anyone but if one dares to finger me unnecessarily then I, sure enough, break that finger. I also have zero tolerance to bullshit. And am a little old school if you may call me so.

Choosing randomly, my pioneer nominees for this award are:

Shiva Malekopmath
Alfaazon ki Udaan
Cristian Mihai
Roshni Borana


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14 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award”

  1. A lovely award to a lovely person and lovely blog too.
    Oh I am seeing my name also here, that means a lovely thing is in mine too.
    Did I accept it Ranjini when you had informed me on my blog. I shall write it some day. This March end is eating up.
    Let me sigh this out.


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