One More Time

one more time
My moment of glory

One More Time

One more time
As the stars and the moon glared,
Born with a body of a woman, and
Plagued by boundless desires
She crash lands into a world of pain.
From being a woman of substance
To being an object of obsession
She’ll silently endure it all
And the sincerity of her laughter
Shall touch the core of your existence.
And one more time,
The beauty of being a woman
Will be reflected in her soul.

As the hour of vengeance would descend
She’d be busy empowering herself yet
Forever battling the eternal thirst for perfection
Even when extreme weariness follows,
From a virtuous woman to being a vamp
She would have lived it all.
Stolen from the mirror would be those precious hours
When she would let down her hair even if, just for a few moments
With the practised motion
Of her hands and nimble fingers
And then without caring for frivolous
One more time,
She would wreak havoc upon the hearts.

Gentle. Treacherous. Deceitful or delightful;
Just how would you like to describe her touch?
Often taken for granted,
And treated like a passing shadow
She chooses to remain beautiful,
Even after life has scarred her so horrifically on the inside…
The warmth and serenity of her smile
Shall surround you wherever you go
And you’ll find yourself no match for the
Fiery eyes that will set you ablaze
And one more time
The gentle breeze of springtime
Shall whisper your name as the seasons’ change.

O Mistress of hearts!
An hourglass figure or not
One more time
You would have conquered it all
You would have conquered it all…

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