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in the end

“And In The End” Series

“And In The End” Series (1/7) “And in the end, We all end up as just another name In the …
मजबूर कौन नहीं है

मजबूर कौन नहीं है

मजबूर कौन नहीं है आज के दौर में फर्क मेहज़ इतना ही है कोई आदत से है, तो कोई हालात …
darkness Envelopes

As Darkness Envelopes Me

As darkness envelopes me I switch from reality to dreams   Follow my writings on #yourquote From The Admin’s Desk …

I Shall Be Waiting For You

Waiting For You Since the day you’ve gone There is a slump in our lives Your belongings that used to …

आज फिर होठों पर हंसी आई है

मुद्दतॊं बाद आज फिर होठों पर हंसी आई है तेरी खुशबू फिर से आज हवा अपने संग लाई है Follow …

Switch Off: Untangle Your Thoughts

Untangle your thoughts Rewire your emotions And activate your OFF switch On meeting Negative People Follow my writings on #yourquote …

Terribly Tiny Tales: Stalking Shadows

Breathless; she paused, Looking back for a moment Her eyes frantically searched for The shadows that had been stalking her. Follow my …

Terribly Tiny Tales: A Pregnant Pause

No lines; No crowds; None followed him As he left the room… Except A pregnant pause And a pair of …
What is patience to you?

What is patience to you?

To be able To Watch With PATIENCE While an injustice Is being done Is a virtue that is No longer …

Sermons: Refreshing Our Childhood memories

Sermons: Refreshing Our Childhood memories “When we were your age we used to get only an aana and that would …

Mann Ki Aarzoo 
An Amalgamation of Sentiments

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