Purrfect Pawsome Pawtails: My Biggest Treasure

purrfect treasure
Simba(Labrador), JW and Snowbell, waiting for us to come back home. My treasure.

Purrfect Pawsome Pawtails: My Biggest Treasure

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last,
Cruelty against them leaves me aghast,
No money on earth can match this pleasure,
My furry buddies are my biggest treasure,
Their happiness and well-being is my award,
Thoughts of abandonment are abhorred.

A purrfect*, pawsome** family
Of cat and dogs,
A few sprinkled humans,
A few rescued birds,
An aquarium, turtles and tortoise
And we complete it all…

A bond so strong,
It can’t be broken,
Separated for a time,
Reunited with a promise,
A promise of devotion,
Time and safety.

Black, white and brown,
All barks and purr,
The excitement begins; bark, bark, bark
When we are leaving for the park,
Sometimes my house is a total mess,
But never a moment to feel depressed.

Always there, they never judge,
They never keep a lasting grudge,
Without my pets, life would be a bore,
Who would welcome me at the door?
This bond of love that we share,
Is nothing short of a magical prayer.
A treasure to be treasured.

purrfect* ….. Perfect

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