Pen, Paper And Colourful Memories

Pen Paper And Colourful Memories

Pen, Paper And Colourful Memories

Pen paper and colourful memories
One homework at a time
That made me scratch my brains.
Unit test, half-yearly, finals,
Dance class, music class,
Games and library.

All went past
Sans dating,
And promising glances.
Secret meetings
Only existed in fantasy
Future unknown
Enthusiastic about life.

Note to All

Since we were kids we had the dream of writing with a pen.

I had often heard the quote’pen is mightier than the sword’ but actually understood what it meant after growing up and mainly after I started writing as a poet.

That is when I started yielding my pen as a sword to cut down my opponents.

No not by the sword but …literally by the use of a pen.

I have penned most of my Colourful Memories with my pen in my book ‘Mann Ki Aarzoo’


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