Puthi Mach Fried (Whole Fish Fry)

Puthi Mach Fried (Whole Fish Fry)

Puthi Mach Fried (Whole Fish Fry)

The most common way of eating fish in traditional Assamese homes is by preparing a stew with herbs, vegetables and greens as per preference and availability.

Everyone likes some snacking over a few drinks. This, Puthi Mach Fried (Whole Fish Fry) is a perfect snack for fish lovers. For this, you need the puthy mach (Ticto barb) or the tiny variety of fish.

They are roasted with lavish amounts of green chilis, tomatoes, ginger and garlic (all roasted). The ingredients are then pounded in a mortar/mixer to make a coarse paste and served with rice and dal.

Puthi Mach Fried (Whole Fish Fry)

Puthi Mach Fried (Whole Fish Fry)


small/baby fish- puthi mach/boroli mach
ginger-garlic paste (for marinade)
juice of a lemon (for marinade)
salt (for marinade)
haldi (turmeric) (for marinade)
mustard oil



FoodAllTime Multipurpose Healthy Green Paste(for marinade)
juice of a lemon (for marinade)
haldi (turmeric) (for marinade)



1. Descale the fish by rubbing it on a rough surface.

2. Slit the fish on the underside and clean out the gills, intestines & stomach along with all the muck.

3. Wash and marinate for 30 mins

4. Heat oil and deep fry. Your Whole Fish Fry is ready.

5. Eat as snacks or serve with channa dal (split chickpeas) and steamed rice


  1. For basic tips on fish, frying check out fish in mustard gravy.
  2. Clean the fish properly and descale it.
  3. Best when eaten as snacks.
  4. You can also serve it with channa dal, bitter gourd and hot steamed rice

Mustard Seeds (yellow & black)

back mustard seedsyellow mustard seeds


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