Rape of English Language

Rape of English Language

Being fashionable is cool. Being up to date is even cooler. But trying to look and sound cool by raping the English language daily is NOT SO COOL… In fact it is disgusting…!!!

I am actually sick of people using obscene short cuts to write English as their status updates. Please stop assaulting the language and the readers. If it’s so much of a problem to write, then its better they don’t write at all. Reading these kinds of status on the social media requires extreme patience. It is not only disgusting but annoying also. Have some respect for the language…!! There are proper abbreviations for longer words… learn them if you can’t type.  But please spare us the torture of reding your crap if you have to type like this.

Ultimately, the purpose of language is communication, not self-expression. In fact, the more obnoxious your literary self-expression, the harder it is for the people to understand.

I m sr dat ppl wrtg dis kd of crap cn df do btr dan dis…. (I am sure that people writing this kind of crap can do better than this).
e.g ….
Luk = look,
wd/wth = with,
bt = but,
ur = you are/your,
evry/evry1= every/everyone
n = and
coz = because
dat = that
doz = those
thnk= think
dere= there
this one takes the cake….cum= come (now, how do I interpret this..!!


So much for the educated lot of today…!! Is this what they grew up learning at schools?  Use of internet acronyms is still acceptable, but these types of shortcuts take the fun out of reading and according to me, is nothing short of raping a language.

I may sound old school to many, but I firmly believe that the essence of reading any piece of literature (even quote), lies in the language and how it’s presented.

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