Rules of Heart vs Portals of the Mind

Rules of Heart vs Portals of the Mind

A culture we have to follow,
A lifestyle choice we often deny ourselves.
We endure. We suffer. We accept.
Remaining steadfast and loyal
Abiding by the promises we made,
We learn to survive and exist rather than live.


Feelings wane; scars diminish;
Graffiti fades.
Everything seems to be redefined.
Abiding by the rules we forget
There’s a difference between life and existence,
And people forget we exist sometimes.


Changing with time; distant we grow.
Many relationships we’ve lost, and others we are busy losing even now.
Engrossed in our jobs; All the knowledge we acquired;
Looks a waste and the clock ticks ruthlessly faster now.
As we take our final steps, we wish to relive,
The moments that now are only a part of our memories.


Intangible yet a substantial query,
I ask of you today.
Why is the lingering vitality and success confined
Of those who abide and play
By the rules of heart rather than
The portals linked to the mind?


25 thoughts on “Rules of Heart vs Portals of the Mind”

  1. Ranjeeta!
    From a culture and a life style to follow to the life experiences of existential pattern and engrossed into our beings while building relationships to losing them as well and memories of them not to lose; an intangible query, putting of that great question this post makes us remember again what life style we have led and how we are to live.
    My Pats!
    Fondest Regards,

    • Thank you Soooooo much for reading the whole poem and taking time to reflect on it…. it’s very motivating.😊🙏 Hope you enjoy my other poems too. Would love to host you on “guest post” on my blog if it’s OK with you…

      • Ranjeeta!
        I shall read your other poems too.
        I have read your About, but could not find a comment box there, so I could not comment upon that.
        Your experience seems to be vivid so is your background. You enjoy it, that is the best part of anything.
        What is a Guest Post I do not understand. Please could you brief me, do you mean to Reblog.

        • I shall host one of your latest poems/work, with an introduction pic and link of your website on my site. This gives us an opportunity to be read by a new and wider audience… follow the instruction links for more information.

          You have something to share with the world….?

          Share it here at atrangizindagieksafar on the Guest post, “Be my Guest Aboard!” at

          Send your material here ( with your text, a photo related to the text, a photo with you and a short description of you or of your blog and the very next weekend you will be online on atrangizindagieksafar!

          • Ranjeeta!
            It is my pleasure. You can choose what ever you want. Please be free to select any of the poems or prose or text, photos and post it as your Guest Post I shall come there as your Guest. I shall not mind even if you do not offer me a cup of coffee. 😀
            Go ahead. I think you choose the older ones, not only of me as the new ones shall be or would be possible to read.I hope you understand.

  2. You have very truly described the hard core reality of life and answering your question at the end of the poem,I would say success comes to those who maintain a balance between the Hitler might be called a successful leader but owing to his cruel heart,he is always looked down upon.Moreover if we see successful people of today’s time like many entrepreneurs or rather even you,I am sure you will not deny that you get necessities by your mind.However your exuberance and the the power to go on happily like you have been is derived from your and other’s heart.So in short,we get success by mind but its intensity is determined by heart! 🙂

    • Very true….shivangi. I’m more of a heart person… who commits goof ups. I follow my heart then think from mind. If I follow my mind then I won’t be able to do many things as the rational and the practical side of the situation will stop me. So knowing myself my heart’s intensenity drives me to do what I want to do and mind then helps me navigate…

  3. Good question! I could imagine one of the many reasons is that in people who are much more connected to their heart it is the heart which wants to follow its own goals and ‘values’ and these might be goals that are not (or not as determing factor) part of the ‘hunt after material success’. I imagine man to be made up of different (and not only one as is often assumed) personalities – (at least) each part of his being has its own personality and so it might be that someone lives a – from the outward point of view – quite unsuccessful life (take for example a quite well known artist as Vincent van Gogh) but maybe the part of the being most active in him reached the goal it had set before itself, and whatever this has been be in his case, the artist in him was able to create and inspire whole generations of artists and still continues to do so .. I’ve got the feeling that the impact of his art easily rivals many of the most (also financially) successful painters. So the whole question (mind vs. heart) might be much more complex I guess ..


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