To Compromise Is To Sacrifice

To Compromise Is To Sacrifice

Give-up your happiness,
For other’s sake,
For a better cause,
Be it, love of the nation,
Or, your children
To compromise is to sacrifice…

Ask a soldier,
War requires sacrifices,
The laughter of his children,
The warmth of his partner’s arms,
Ask a mother,
Many a treat she let go,
Just to see those dimples grow,
Many sleepless nights she suffered,
Just to ensure you slept in undeterred,
Derision, scorn and isolation,
Still, we test their endurance,
To compromise is to sacrifice…

Putting our needs before their own,
Working their fingers to the bone,
Giving up that matters most
For the sake who matters most.

A soldier’s wife,
And a mother now,
Seeing a martyr wrapped in the flag,
I shudder no more,
I shudder no more…
For I now realize,
To compromise is to sacrifice…


This poem speaks about sacrifice and compromises at different levels of life made by different types of people ranging from a mother to a soldier.
She is a homemaker, a career woman who sacrifices her happiness for the sake of her family.
He is a soldier who makes the supreme sacrifice of his life for the sake of his country.
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5 thoughts on “To Compromise Is To Sacrifice”

  1. I am 18 and STILL, I did that all my life!! A a sister, daughter or friend!! Phew! It makes me proud, but hurts when it does not follow “one good turn deserves another”


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