Shadows on the Wall

The bombed church;*
A sinister looking forlorn building,
Stood out in the moonlight.
An eerie silence engulfed me whenever crossed it.


Shadows danced on the walls
Winds whistling
Through the trees whose branches
Seem to snare and snarl in the moonlight.


A spectre; I can feel its power;
And it’s resonance, following me home.
Twisting my heaving heart.


A mournful melancholy cry;
A sorrowful howl.
An eerie echo,
A tired call of an owl.


Silence follows,
An eerie feeling set in.
Listening carefully; heart drumming in my ears,
Waiting for another howl, another hoot.


Absorbing; Consuming; trying to take in the sounds
That can be heard from every direction,
Leaving only the silence and its eerie dissonance behind
I wait. I wait…impatiently for my husband to come home.

This is a true incident. We were posted in Ambala Cantt. and I had to cross this church to go to the mess for lunch and dinner. We had a scooter then and every time I crossed the church I could feel something sinister as if a specter used to travel back with me. It was eerie as if I was being watched by someone I couldn’t see. Many times I could feel I saw something run past out of the corner of my eye. I used to desperately wait for my husband to come home from his office.


*The bombed church:- St Paul’s Church in Ambala Cantonment is one of the oldest churches in the region. St Paul’s church, which was consecrated on January 4, 1857, was bombed during the 1965 Indo-Pak war. It is believed that the aircraft which bombed the church missed nearby airfield and hit the church. The bombed church is now within the Air Force school complex. During the first war of Independence in 1857, Britishers took refuge in the church.


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11 thoughts on “Shadows on the Wall”

  1. It is wild imagination. Even now I develop a fear when I pass deserted places or where a suicide or murder had taken place even though I know my fear is irrational. So, the old saying “One is afraid of local ghosts and water bodies in unknown places”

        • One was this… it was like a साया that use to follow us. Me and my friend. Then I have had many out of body experiences… where my soul travels to places and sees incidences happening then comes back. Travel into future and back… feeling the presence of spirits of any are around me… it’s like someone watching you… a very uncomfortable feeling. You are alone but not alone. Dreams….they are the worst part. Mostly 95% are true…

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