Sing Me An Icy Lullaby

Sing Me An Icy Lullaby

Seeking the security of your arms
Tightly tucked away
From evil slurring tongues
Envious eyes and 
Ostracising dark thoughts
I meet an aura that travels upon
Wings of moonlit dust
Singing me an icy lullaby…

॥ ऊँ नमः शिवाय् ॥

Happy Shivratri to All

Celebrating Maha Shiratri

19 thoughts on “Sing Me An Icy Lullaby”

  1. What a beautiful Image for the astounding words.
    I hope that is in reality.
    I would just HUG!
    Ranjini !
    Graphic designer, Educationist and a MAD MAD PRIMITIVE person. CHALLENGE is my game. PERFECTION is my habit. HARD WORK is my occupation. SMARTNESS is my style. CONFIDENCE is my power. Passionate & Optimist.
    All this you have shown here.
    My Pats!
    Today is ShivaRatri the day I was born. So no Partying and Dance – only Fasting, Japa, Meditation, Prayer and Pooja …. Hahaha


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