Sleep Away My Son

Sleep Away My Son

On the days when you don’t feel,
Like getting up,
On the days when you wish,
You could hide away under your pillow,
And block any glimpse of sunlight,
When the dreams paint the world around you,
Sleep away, my son…

This is for you on the days,
When laziness feels right,
Let sleep overtake you,
Drowning all your stress,
Away from test, grades, marks and fear,
Crawl back and snuggle up in your quilt,
Sleep away, my son…

Some days will test you to the point of exhaustion.
Some days will wear you down,
You may feel the whole world,
Pressing down on your shoulders,
Depriving you of strength,
Pushing down on your soul,
So sleep away, my son…

Crawling out of bed maybe,
Your biggest accomplishment today.
And you know what?
Maybe that’s okay.
Life can sometimes be daunting,
So give me your soul touching smile,
And sleep away, my son…


18 thoughts on “Sleep Away My Son”

  1. Beautiful as usual with your poems. You inspire me to look up my old poems from the 90’s. Then I lived a poetic life. Read poems live on scene around.
    Went to school for Creative writing. Evenings wrote school assignments and many poems. Had a wall with all rejection letters from publishers, who did not want my writing. There was a book Anthology, made in all cases.

    So thanks for inspiring that. When my 30 days video blog is over, I’ll translate some poems.

  2. I could jolly well relate with your feelings for your son and his likes….having said that all of us have gone through the same phase and have come out unscathed as a better person by way of our education alone despite the rigors…and we should put our kids to same rigors….tongue in cheek…🙄🙄🙄


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