Standing at the Crossroads

Standing at the Crossroads

Standing at the crossroads of life
You’ll find that opportunity is
Like a stream of cars
At the railway crossing waiting
For the barriers to be opened.


In-between; lies the path
That is not so nice or so mean.
The fight and struggle. Sometimes choices,
Sometimes none. Many obstacles you shall find,
On this crossroads divide.

So many rights and so many wrongs
Many of you still engulfed in self-deception,
Foolishly wasting precious time.
Breach the crossroads, and you’ll find
There will be no time left for you to reflect.

Trapped at crossroads?
I put before you an option.
Take chance and ability, do whatever it takes
Prepare now while there is yet time,
Before it’s too late to fix those mistakes.

Or, take the road laden with hot air and steam
And, let the storm clouds gather around you.
Keep waiting bleakly in the shadows
For your chance to come.
Frustration. Resentment. Vexation and sleepless nights.

Carefully choose
Where you have much less to lose.
Which path will you take?

*Dedicated to all the children preparing for Xth and XIIth Boards.
Best of Luck!  🙂

Remember the Battle is Yours. Your parents are only there to support you.
You Win or You Lose, You have only Yourself to Blame.


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