Speak Softly For They Are Listening


Speak Softly For They Are Listening The butterflies have fled. Sparrows have flown away; Never to return. Living within the circle of smoke and fumes That hovers above. Arrogantly. Ravenously; Fighting over pieces of the earth, As if driven by the devil. We beasts; The Humans, Born from her; Dependent on her, Yet, we dishonour … Read more

A Tainted Legacy


With tired legs, I began to reach it, A garden; Which I hadn’t frequented in a while Which I knew existed But now had towers and skyscrapers Blocking its pristine view. * The world in which we live today Is made up of concrete blocks Instead of trees. Raped by humans; Fighting for her honour, … Read more

A Stampede In My Mind

By:- rANJEETA nATH gHAI A tempest, Of emotions Exploding up Like lava Seeping out through Every nook and crevice Of my soul Showing mercy to none. * “Calm down,” I tell myself There’s nothing that Worrying can ever change. What is to be. Will be. Whatever happens, will happen for good. Flutters of insecurities Must … Read more

Runaway Relationships


Day slowly passes And sometimes she feels so alone Even with her family at home Pain…blinding pain; it surges Through her body like electricity Crippling her confidence and her beliefs And, reality is unforgiving. * She feels a strange connection towards the words. The alphabets are now her best friends. Making her feel special They … Read more



Actions speak louder than words And today you proved yourself To be a small person. Someone gifted With a mean-minded mentality. Bludgeoning me with reckless words You proved beyond doubt That you are not worth my time. For the mean words that spew forth From your heart: a bitter place, In the long run, you’ll … Read more

A Few Wounds and A Pinch Of Salt

A Pinch Of Salt

A few wounds; A pinch of salt; And a little pain. But it’s time not to mourn. The etched memories, Will serve as a reminder, Never to trust you again. * One eye behind my head, The other facing forward. Watching out for stray daggers, While focusing on the future. Today, I have rearranged the … Read more

Happiness Is Artificial


By:- rANJEETA nATH gHAI My smiles; manufactured To your liking, Funny how it appeases your ego. You thrive on your moments Of artificial power Which in fact is a mirage As I long for moments of silence. * My independence Damaged beyond repair. The glow in my eyes, Lit by an artificial happiness. Sick of … Read more

Cruising Along To a Distant Shore

a Distant Shore

I tell them I’ve got a story to tell, And they listen with clogged ears, Stuck on their own theories. Feeling the terrible urgency of ageing, A foreboding; A sense of something, Left unaccomplished, Keeps constantly clawing at my thoughts, When I should be enjoying, What life I have been left. * It’s a cautioning; … Read more

An Answer You Don’t Want

Why do you write? What is the need to write? Your first book didn’t sell…! You indulged in this nonsense once, Now I won’t back you for another…! Bickering. Bitterness. Isn’t that a wonderful response your spouse gives you? When you tell him of your dream. When did we get so good at this? Causing … Read more

Daring Are Those Who Dare To Encounter

Conquer the highest mountain, And take out expeditions… Living in the Siachen Glacier, Defying all the physical, mental and spiritual limits. Brave the crevasses, In the highest combat zone on planet earth. A place where fewer soldiers have died on the line duty due to enemy fire, Than because of the harsh weather conditions. Swimming … Read more