Amidst The Sands of Time

Amidst The Sands of Time

Poised like an ocean; deep and infinite, Sometimes calm, at times tempestuous. But with whatever happens on the surface, I do have a serious qualm. Ripples and waves that arise and subside, Are all signs that there’s life existing down inside. My mere existence; Encompassing the land, Clouds and atmosphere above, Which in turn return … Read more

Life Touches You Like That

Wandering aimlessly, Begging for food to assuage his hunger in life He wore a shirt, Old and tattered… Holes in places faded all over; Sans buttons; Chest plastered with bandages; Of injuries unknown to me. *** It was so ironic, Me alighting from my car. Going to buy samosas* to eat, Not out of hunger. … Read more

Break Away From the Cacophony

Dead to the core, but moving still, Trying to make a change. Letting go; breaking down to cry; cacophony When adversity strikes. *** Dragging our feet, Watching; waiting to hear the siren’s call. Pushing onward until we find, The answer to this, inside our mind. *** We slog ourselves every day, And attempt to stand … Read more

Chance Encounters

chance encounters

Lies; hypocrisy; Mediocrity of thoughts Strange malaise, One I can’t place. Persistent lethargy. Sloth-like and heavy. Expulsion of anger so violent; chance encounters Incessantly recurrent. Confusions and misgivings. The enigma of the absurd. *** In a moment, Of silence and solitude, I stand dumbfounded; Completely baffled; perplexed. My inner being, Unable to understand, Labyrinths of … Read more

One Lovely Blog Award

You know what makes my day? An award! When my work is recognized and appreciated…THAT… makes my day. Every notification that announces an activity on my post…THAT… makes my day. Every orange dot on the bell…THAT… makes my day. Each an every comment, like, follow…THAT… makes my day. Words of inspiration from my fellow bloggers…THAT… … Read more

A Woman; Between Pennies and Sandwiches


A mother; a daughter, A daughter in law; a wife, A sister; a girlfriend; a lover, A boss or An employee… You can watch her run  A company Or a kitchen With the bread  Butter, knife or a pen. *** Sandwiched between, Both the worlds Earning pennies; making sandwiches; Sometimes facing, Loneliness and ire, Between two slices, In … Read more

A Twinkle So Dear


It’s been a long time Since I have heard You to be excited about something In words describing the joy It brings to you… It’s been a long time Since you spoke About something with passion That captured your imagination And put a spring in your steps. It’s been a long time Since I caught … Read more

Caress of Blissful Divinity


Separated; like the night sky from the day, Caress; the soft embrace of love, pulling at their heartstrings, A desire of a union meant to be withheld. Love tearing them apart with a cruel and swift hand. The world split in half, And on each end were lovers… The sun and the moon *** The Moon; … Read more

A Tune So Grand

  The muffled sound of your baby breathing. Voice of your parents on the phone. Sharing thoughts with your beloved, Or screaming of kids as they play Is a tune so grand. *** In the midst of silence; at nightfall, The sky turns into a sheet of grey. Thunder, lightning and droplets of rain, Pleasantly … Read more