Nature’s Redolent Perfumes

Cozily wrapped in blankets Warmth of love, radiating Somewhere ‘tween smiles and yawns. The coffee pot gurgles and coughs Morning brew; aromatic coffee Awakening my senses. As nosey sun squeezes Through the bedroom curtains, I imagine you’re here with me. * Fragrant flowers; a touch of satin scarlet rose petals, Sweet, soft and sensual; their … Read more

A Regal Blue and Breathtakingly Bold


By:- rANJEETA nATH gHAI Mysteriously beautiful; I see you parading. Unpredictable; A tad bit capricious Strutting conspicuously Showing off; Flaunting your brilliant Blue-green flawless plumage Of exquisite beauty up for display. * Welcoming the rain Loud and boisterous You prance like enraged dancer Fluttering with enthusiasm Showcasing all your emotions. With pride in your eyes. … Read more

You Were Born Again

Born Again

By:- rANJEETA nATH gHAI Forget the pain, Forget the sadness. On the street littered with scorn, You glided around with a defiant attitude. And I realised you were born again. * Unpredictable. Unstoppable. An invincible warrior. Standing tall; in utter confidence, Awestruck, I watched as you walked. You were born again. * Wanting nothing more than … Read more

There Is Always An Alternative


To turn deserts into splendid cities Or Turn stones into majestic temples. To believe in the one who breathes sweet music into a bamboo flute or The one who challenges every God with his matchless might. Setting your heart and soul only for one person and falling in love Or To burn and wither in … Read more

Contrary Yet Complementary

Contrary Yet Complementary

  Difficult. Annoying. Vexing. Tiresome. Trying. Tedious. All that it could be But never for a moment was teaching, Inconvenient. Boring. Uninteresting. Bothersome. Infuriating or maddening experience for me. I always had a problem with my temper. A simple irksome situation could Turn into an explosion of emotion. Tensions; Uncomfortable silence Defiance; bad decisions wrapped … Read more

Be Your Own Masterpiece

Stop trying to ape others Avoid being a part of the herd. Try to find your own identity Is there a need to mimic people? Learn from them. No point in succumbing to stealing another’s identity and losing your own. Don’t allow anyone to take away your own originality. Drop the pretences. Be you. Don’t … Read more

The Last Candle

The Last Candle

You light up my darkness With your luminescent soul. As you melt away My dreams get the illumination just right. I see you there burning, Incandescently; as you weep silently. For a moment for an eternity, I watch you bleed wax and white smoke. With nothing but darkness up and round The wax hardens leaving … Read more