A Hormonal Meltdown


By: Ranjeeta Nath Ghai Easily displeased Quick to be disappointed Crushed by weight gain and calcium depletion Sagging breasts and a pear-shaped figure Aching bones and aching patella Stretch marks and varicose veins Inadequate and solemn answers to questions Sometimes too critical or aggressive And a hormonal meltdown…. ~o~ Keen intelligence yet detached humour Mid … Read more

Carvings on the Soul: “Prosetry”

the Soul

Carvings on the Soul: “Prosetry” A momentous decision And a marriage had shattered Years ago, owing to the conflict between The tenacious attitude of the wife And the wayward attitude of the husband. Intolerable wrongs; broken promises Vindication, lack of money and depression. As time passed by the Carvings on the Soul deepened. Time slipped … Read more