A Lone Star

A Lone Star

Daily routine Nine to five. I call this a bitter pill Of life, meant to be Taken in a stride. Dancing to the beat of the same drum We save the best for another day Not sure of what future will offer Our scars defining who we are… A lone star in the sky, burning bright. SharePinShareTweet0 … Read more

Bleeding Hearts


Bleeding Hearts Bleeding; Weeping silently, As she lay on the ground dying Revealing little She smiled at him As she whispered, With an unmistakable tremor In her frail voice, “I have always loved only you.” Later standing by her grave Consequently bitter with himself He knew she spoke the truth. SharePinShareTweet0 Shares

Sweet or Bitter, Memories Are Forever

Memories Are Forever

Sweet or Bitter, Memories Are Forever Memories… Some are sweet, some bitter, Some dipped in venom bittersweet, Dwelling in our thoughts, governing our deeds, A rainbow to treasure, few shadows that impede, A smile that reassured your heart, A confession that made reasoning depart, Memories are forever For as long is forever…. Separated by miles, … Read more