Prepare to Face Another Challenge Fearlessly


Prepare to Face Another Challenge Fearlessly The time I spent here was sweet, Beyond anyone’s dream Only in the pure beauty of your Words, I was rendering, Is it easy being a judge? You can ask me now No. I say, as I hear you, see you Fearlessly performing to new highs. “I did it … Read more

A Tribute: Happy Birthday Maa


Ponytails to perming. Henna to streaking Periods to childbirth. Approaching thunderstorms To fallen trees A flood of emotions Childhood memories And emotional saturation Threatening to overflow The banks of memories. I had trained myself To hold my breath Coordinating it with yours Listening to your heartbeat As I cuddled up beside you Nestled in the … Read more

Believe and Follow Your Dreams

Believe and Follow Your Dreams So many possibilities. The ability to think So many unthinkable and the wildest dreams. * Unseen are the challenges Let your actions speak. Words to explain will no longer be needed. * Your imagination is your personality. Be amazing; See things in a different perspective. * Moving forward together step … Read more