The Wet Blanket


Rain clouds looming over town Soft breeze of the evening Dusty twilight; evening chorus, Birds; chattering and tweeting Peacocks screaming Clouds; growling and cracking Shaking with massive basso-profundo effect Inviting the Crimson Sun to rest People walking along silently Lost in thoughts, now hurriedly scuttle past As the falling droplets set my soul free And … Read more

Dilli Hai Dilwalon Ki

Dilli Hai Dilwalon Ki

Dilli Hai Dilwalon Ki In the country’s north A city where time travel is feasible A city that never sleeps Woven into the rich fabric of its territory Are historical moments of pure beauty: Imposing Mughal-era Red Fort and Rashtrapati Bhavan: a symbol of India. Colonial-era parliament building and Penchant of bureaucrats for high tea, A … Read more

An Ordinary Girl

An Ordinary Girl She is an ordinary girl With an extraordinary heart In a not so ordinary world She doesn’t fear to be hated But fears losing a friend Seeing Injustice being done She cannot keep quiet anymore… Nor can she keep quiet When her heart is bleeding Blurting out her feelings like a child … Read more