Only For You Dad: FATHER’S DAY RECIPES FoodAllTime celebrates our first superheroes, our dads! Father’s day is on the 17th of June. So, go ahead and cook something special for your dad. Take a food selfie and a selfie with your dad. Send it to The best entries will be featured here on AZKS. If … Read more

Sermons: Refreshing Our Childhood Memories


Sermons: Refreshing Our Childhood memories “When we were your age we used to get only an aana and that would last us a month…” Today when I see the inflation going up and the cost of living rising simultaneously I remember these lines that my father loves to repeat when we were small. These lines … Read more

A Legend: Amitabh Bachchan

amitabh bachchan a legend

Can you define a legend? Well, I can… He is none other than my favourite Amitabh Bachchan… Same as everyone in the universe, And yet so different, Even the existence is so meaningful Having the power to rebuilt From scratch; from pain Was a LEGEND Reborn again, Pushing limits Carving out best memories From a … Read more

Error 404

Error 404

Still searching for the restart Button of life and download Links for happiness? Delete the sorrows, Log off from unpleasant People and Ctrl-s your perfect moments In your memories Update your operating system, Instead of logging off… Disconnect your guilt If you encounter Error 404 Not found The file you are attempting To access is … Read more

Be Grateful For All That You Have Today

Be Grateful

Be Grateful For All That You Have Today The present is here. The past doesn’t exist anymore And the future hasn’t got to you yet. No time to sit and mope over past regrets. Be grateful for all that you have today And all that is given to you. Love unconditionally, love freely. Grow in … Read more

Let Love Rule Your Heart

Let Love Rule Your Heart

Let Love Rule Your Heart Let love rule your heart, Gratitude reflects in your eyes. Let your smile spread miles and miles of happiness, Bringing cheer to all near and dear. Feel the magic in the air, As the glow of love strengthens the bonds. With the flames of love kindled in every heart and home, … Read more

Back Then and Now

Then and Now

Back Then and Now Enjoyed life. Stayed awake; Past my bedtime To play a little longer. Looked forward to each day, Going to school meeting friends, Bunking classes No matter what the weather, Summer heat or rain We would make the best of it. * Staying back after school. Practising for annual day, sports days … Read more

Conspicuously Contrived Conundrum


Never treated well Always getting beaten Abused; by the very people, she trusted. Thrashes on her face, and Bruises on her back Told an entirely different story Than what the world was given to believe. * From tiny fingers stuffing explosive compounds in firecrackers, Being abducted and sold into flesh trade, Or maimed and pushed … Read more

Runaway Relationships


Day slowly passes And sometimes she feels so alone Even with her family at home Pain…blinding pain; it surges Through her body like electricity Crippling her confidence and her beliefs And, reality is unforgiving. * She feels a strange connection towards the words. The alphabets are now her best friends. Making her feel special They … Read more

Rules of Heart vs Portals of the Mind


A culture we have to follow, A lifestyle choice we often deny ourselves. We endure. We suffer. We accept. Remaining steadfast and loyal Abiding by the promises we made, We learn to survive and exist rather than live. * Feelings wane; scars diminish; Graffiti fades. Everything seems to be redefined. Abiding by the rules we … Read more