“Wire” Series

The Wire

“The Wire” Series (1/6) Unfinished thoughts cluttered Like tangled wires In my head. “The Wire” Series (2/6) With frustration streaming in his Blood and a head full of Memories to control He felt both spent and wired. “The Wire” Series (3/6) There it was… A telephone hanging by the wire And a cracked voice Frantically … Read more

Time To Stop


Time To Stop The Blossoms. The Bees. And The Birds. Fast becoming extinct. Trees being replaced By concrete blocks instead Man has had his bounty Now is the time To stop this riot Of man’s avid greed Against Nature. The choice is ours and The final call is Her’s. © All Rights Reserved. ©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  Atrangi Zindagi … Read more

A Tainted Legacy


With tired legs, I began to reach it, A garden; Which I hadn’t frequented in a while Which I knew existed But now had towers and skyscrapers Blocking its pristine view. * The world in which we live today Is made up of concrete blocks Instead of trees. Raped by humans; Fighting for her honour, … Read more

Temporary Lessons

Temporary Lessons

  Concrete rubble, Scattered beneath my feet. Vacant Streets; On the other side of the road. Into the grove, I see barren homes that once flourished. Now stand abandoned; whilst wind swiftly whispers, Hollowed secrets. *** An old tree stump. Aged beyond measure. Once a towering giant, Viridescent leaved; Today; cut with precision. Incapacitated to no … Read more