The Sounds Of Silence Speak Again

The Sounds Of Silence Speak Again

The Sounds Of Silence Speak Again Deafening Reckoning Confusing Heartbreaking The sounds of silence Has weird ways Of making itself heard. A few tears Pain; that is Impossible to explain Ego; An unyielding foe Skates across reality and Sounds of silence speak again. Fears mock me when I’m scared Rhythmic sound of breaths Reassuring that I’m … Read more

Times To Heal


A Time To Heal Smoke tingled and, Danced upon his soul. A simple act of breathing Was never so painful Hallucination…? No. he could feel the Pinprick of the goosebumps All over. A manic craving Slowly threatening to take over Intoxicating his senses Feverishly; Clinging to the remnants Of self-control he had He said “NO.” … Read more

Life Touches You Like That

Wandering aimlessly, Begging for food to assuage his hunger in life He wore a shirt, Old and tattered… Holes in places faded all over; Sans buttons; Chest plastered with bandages; Of injuries unknown to me. *** It was so ironic, Me alighting from my car. Going to buy samosas* to eat, Not out of hunger. … Read more

So Near Yet So Far

So Near Yet So Far

Every moment we once spent together, near or far, Wrapped in your warm embrace, Has returned to haunt my heart now. *** Missing you and dreaming of you, That ever so perfect moment, Will never be forgotten. *** The first time we hugged, As we took in each other’s embrace once more, Our lips colliding … Read more

Recharge Your Weathered Soul

Recharge Your Weathered Soul

Recharge Your Weathered Soul Frenzy, bustle, and buzz… Recharged; waking up early, making breakfast. Making lunches; Fighting the stains; Folding the laundry, Sweeping, and mopping, Making beds; scaring monsters away. Bedtime stories; midnight snuggles. ***** Peaceful rest and quiet sleep, Replaced by frenzied stress; no relief. Rushing here and rushing there, Always rushing; “doing things.” … Read more

A Woman; Between Pennies and Sandwiches


A mother; a daughter, A daughter in law; a wife, A sister; a girlfriend; a lover, A boss or An employee… You can watch her run  A company Or a kitchen With the bread  Butter, knife or a pen. *** Sandwiched between, Both the worlds Earning pennies; making sandwiches; Sometimes facing, Loneliness and ire, Between two slices, In … Read more

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks PrashantT for nominating me for “The Versatile Blogger Award.” I am indeed indebted to my fellow bloggers, who have shown their constant motivational support by Liking, Commenting, Following and not to forget Inspiring me… Check out his blog PrashantT for beautiful reads on different genres ranging from poetry to travel blogs.  The Rules– Show … Read more

A Shattered Dream

Trembling and bewildered, Standing bravely in the middle of a crisis, Heart remaining the same as it is, She acts… Her woes, Obviously masked. *** Those blank expressions, Her scars she’s hidden after the incident. No one knows, She’s dying inside. No one knows, How much is weighing down on her shoulders. *** I could … Read more

Dwelling On The Unnecessary 

Dwelling on the unnecessary Aren’t we making life complicated? Trying out Every possible option Getting lost In the labyrinth of paths Losing out On the options given by life. Decisions Need not always be right Every experience Teaching us a valuable lesson Mysteries Are nothing but challenges waiting to be solved. Dwelling on the unnecessary … Read more

Maybe Someday; Hoping Against Hope

Hoping Against Hope Maybe someday I won’t have to repeat Myself over and over again to my kids One day they’ll learn to trust my instructions My experiences and move forward. Realize that the daily dose of reality Was to protect them from harm. ***** Maybe someday Two souls Will be kept warm by each … Read more