Living With The Shadows Of The Past

shadows of past

A distorted, blackened Reflection of you Following you everywhere Without cringing… A manifestation of all that you are A replica of your inner self And everything you don’t want The world to see… A sun-kissed reflection of you, At sundown when ย the world Becomes a silhouette Defining the contours of space… As I stand back … Read more

Defining Labels

gentle giants

Defining Labels Introvert. Extrovert. Gay. Transgender. Retarded. Bipolar. Widow. Divorcee. Immigrant. Hobo. White. Black. Brown. Christian. Muslim. Jew. Hindu. Sikh. Multidimensional and complicated, These are real people with real problems. Judged by their beliefs and religions. Judged by the clothes they wear Or the music they listen to… Anger creates labels. Insecurity creates labels. Labels … Read more