Prepare to Face Another Challenge Fearlessly


Prepare to Face Another Challenge Fearlessly The time I spent here was sweet, Beyond anyone’s dream Only in the pure beauty of your Words, I was rendering, Is it easy being a judge? You can ask me now No. I say, as I hear you, see you Fearlessly performing to new highs. “I did it … Read more

Lend Your Wings To The Light 

Lend your wings to the light

Lend Your Wings To The Light Lend Your Wings To The Light Lend your wings to the light Where amongst the wakeup call of birds Shadows lurk between the realm of light and dark.As the light:  a symbol of hope Cuts through the darkness It casts its shadows. Shadows in which the secrets, Faux truths; … Read more

You Are Alive


Some days you’ll feel like giving up, Or wish you could hide away and never return, On days when the shadows are overwhelming you, When ominous clouds block any glimpse of sunlight, On days when nothing feels right, Get up. Breathe.  Breathe again…and breathe deep Feel it.  You’re alive… On days when you are sinking, You … Read more

A Dream That Was Reality: Prosetry


 Huge spacious rooms A long corridor separating The rooms and the living room. Flowing curtains that danced with the breeze Numerous doors with ventilators above Both sans grills. A sprawling garden. A driveway. A parked car. Open doors that I keep locking but mysteriously open again and again. Equally huge backyard with Servant quarters and … Read more

Hoping Against Hope

Hoping Against Hope

Hoping Against Hope A crimson sunset Horizon ablaze With splendour or Mixed colours in the evening skies Eyes shining With unrequited passion Hugging your memories; Holding on to them tightly Close to my heart “See you later,” you said As we were parting. It’s been two years now And I’m still reminiscing over Every second … Read more

A Stairway to Heaven

A Stairway to Heaven

A Stairway to Heaven The stairway is long; A never-ending stairway Rising to the moon and back. I climb one step at a time. It’s a trip. Each step taking me closer to the top. Intoxicating heights; Helplessly I look for support Finding none. Day after day and night after night Tiny steps One after … Read more

An Awakened Dream

An Awakened Dream The morning chorus A vibrant landscape Petrichor; Sweet earthy scent Invading my senses Tree leaves flirtatiously Dancing with the wind, Flowers blooming; petals uncurling Exposing their silk & velvet insides Parading their vibrant colours to the sun, Vulnerable to the butterflies And bees in abundance Busy feasting on their nectar. The vivid … Read more