Between The Colors and Strokes


Life’s like an empty canvas Hold the color palette Apply the beautiful colors With kind words No harsh strokes To create the most attractive painting. *** Brush away the blues Put more colors of love Mix the colors Of love and peace Blend the mistakes with time and diligence To get the desired hues. *** … Read more

Karma: Never To Surrender Never To Yield 


By:- rANJEETA nATH gHAI Almost everything in life is controllable, Fear; illusion; destruction Except for time, tide and Karma* It’s something that is endless, Never pausing for a moment To wait for us to catch up. ***** Don’t let the time go by Unnoticed and unlived Be conscious of the way It slips from our … Read more

Slowly and Surely

Slowly and Surely

Broken pieces of memory, Are all joining back, In subtle movement of my subconscious Patiently perceiving, Tiny little fragments of happiness Slowly, slowly… ***** Easy as a feather, I fell in love Slowly, peacefully, and beautifully. Stroking your chin, Stroking your cheek, My head resting on your chest, Skin to skin,  Lip to Lip, My … Read more