How To Be A Self Motivated Leader

As a ‘Motivational Speaker’ at first session of GMP of Khitaab-e-Kshitij (Auditions), a Pan India Contest. Do not forget to LISTEN, LIKE & SHARE if you agree with me. Kshitij is a place where poetry and ghazals are taken to the non-poetic audience. It’s a place where the GenerationX poets meet & interact with Millenium … Read more

International Women’s Day 2018, Pride Of Women Award

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day 2018, Pride Of Women Award Surprises are always welcome… And this is what happened to me when I got a message followed by a call from the Aagaman Ek Khubsoorat Shuruat co-founder and founder Mrs. Ranjeeta Ashesh and Mr. Pawan Jain that I have been selected for the ‘Pride Of Women Award’ … Read more

A Proof Of The Restricted Existence

A Proof Of The Restricted Existence

A Proof Of The Restricted Existence The birdcage that hung on the veranda Was a proof of the restricted existence Crushed dreams; absence Of freedom and creativity Which were inevitably Compromised at the alter Of someone’s ego. Not realizing that Any such trade-off Is by nature a temporary Thing and is bound to Create perennial Problems. … Read more

Battles of A Trapped Heart


Veiled Stillness; Forgotten Aura; choked sentences, Casual demeanour, Identity suspended And a trapped heart gasping for Breath. Somewhere wrapped in riddles and Chained in memories, it’s strange how deep Are the tendrils of love strangulating your heart. Prone to be misunderstood, a victim of Dreams and expectations beyond words A lovelorn heart unexpectedly Always gets … Read more

An Emptiness That Doesn’t Ever Go Away


Each time we talk I can hear the love in your voice Hiding behind your feelings And keeping the truth locked away, But there is so much said In the things that you don’t openly say. The distance fate put between us Is nothing but a test of patience. For real love doesn’t ever go … Read more