Little Joy & Little Sorrow

By: Ranjeeta Nath Ghai The Little Girl Sorrow. The Little Boy Joy. Born from the womb Of Mother Nature. Residing in her heart Each incomplete without the other. To experience the pleasure of being with Little Joy One must meet Little Sorrow first. Absence of Little Joy is the reason Little Sorrow wastes into another … Read more

A Ray of Hope

Ray of Hope

A Ray of Hope Freed from the hell Called self-pity, There are lessons to be learnt. Lessons; that teaches To unbound from shackles of past And not to dwell on the negatives. Let the fires of self-worth crackle Released from purgatory. And in the end The embers left Shall tell the story. There shall be … Read more

Once Again, I Crave…

Once Again

I crave… To dance and jump in the puddles When the rain beings to pour Feeling the soul of the rains; Once again; Like a six-year-old… **** I crave… To rest my head On your chest Pure ecstasy. Pure emotion. To hear you; feel your touch and heartbeats Like gentle flutters, of caged butterflies. **** … Read more