Battles of A Trapped Heart


Veiled Stillness; Forgotten Aura; choked sentences, Casual demeanour, Identity suspended And a trapped heart gasping for Breath. Somewhere wrapped in riddles and Chained in memories, it’s strange how deep Are the tendrils of love strangulating your heart. Prone to be misunderstood, a victim of Dreams and expectations beyond words A lovelorn heart unexpectedly Always gets … Read more

Rules of Heart vs Portals of the Mind


A culture we have to follow, A lifestyle choice we often deny ourselves. We endure. We suffer. We accept. Remaining steadfast and loyal Abiding by the promises we made, We learn to survive and exist rather than live. * Feelings wane; scars diminish; Graffiti fades. Everything seems to be redefined. Abiding by the rules we … Read more

A Journey Towards The Unknown


Sometimes, Too wrapped up in self We never see the truth Calling everyone else a liar. * Lofty egos, Aspirations. Expectations. Dreams. Often give rise To disappointed feelings and heartbreaks. * Defending, An unknown cause; We are drowning ourselves beneath The weight of our own plight. * Depending on each other To pick up the … Read more

Happiness Is Artificial


By:- rANJEETA nATH gHAI My smiles; manufactured To your liking, Funny how it appeases your ego. You thrive on your moments Of artificial power Which in fact is a mirage As I long for moments of silence. * My independence Damaged beyond repair. The glow in my eyes, Lit by an artificial happiness. Sick of … Read more

You Just Fell In Love with Me

Fell In Love

Wake up; smelling the roses. Walk with me through the fields. Sit with me watching the sunset. Dance with me in the pouring rain. But be careful… For one day you’ll realize, You are hopelessly in love with me. * At first, you will not realize this feeling., For only I feel that I am two, … Read more

I’m Nothing, If Not Stubborn

The walls I’ve built Are made of stubborn bricks Very high and invincible Cannot be taken down Not even one brick at a time. ***** My ego just as stubborn as the bricks Only stands taller than before My pride carries me forward; My mind; the world against me My stubbornness and determination will not … Read more