Battles of A Trapped Heart


Veiled Stillness; Forgotten Aura; choked sentences, Casual demeanour, Identity suspended And a trapped heart gasping for Breath. Somewhere wrapped in riddles and Chained in memories, it’s strange how deep Are the tendrils of love strangulating your heart. Prone to be misunderstood, a victim of Dreams and expectations beyond words A lovelorn heart unexpectedly Always gets … Read more

A Journey Towards The Unknown


Sometimes, Too wrapped up in self We never see the truth Calling everyone else a liar. * Lofty egos, Aspirations. Expectations. Dreams. Often give rise To disappointed feelings and heartbreaks. * Defending, An unknown cause; We are drowning ourselves beneath The weight of our own plight. * Depending on each other To pick up the … Read more

Expectations: Living in the Age of Blasted Hopes


Varied splendour Of human skill. Ever-rising pyramids Of human expectations. Commentators extolling The virtues of the players. ***** Between moments of singing with the praise singers Victory and brutal defeats Men; women tearing at themselves Pushing their limits Lies…Glory, Exhilaration; Doomed ambitions; shattered dreams. ***** With last vestiges of hope Within the confines of the … Read more