Temporary Lessons

Temporary Lessons

  Concrete rubble, Scattered beneath my feet. Vacant Streets; On the other side of the road. Into the grove, I see barren homes that once flourished. Now stand abandoned; whilst wind swiftly whispers, Hollowed secrets. *** An old tree stump. Aged beyond measure. Once a towering giant, Viridescent leaved; Today; cut with precision. Incapacitated to no … Read more

An Elegant Woman Is Forever Ageless


Alluring. Controlling. Compelling. Powerful; yet sophisticated, An elegant woman doesn’t take life for granted. Gratitude and appreciation her forte, Sometimes imperfect she may seem; At ease with herself and her flaws, She focuses on all that is good and right in her life. ***** A sparkle in her eye and a zest in her step, … Read more

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks PrashantT for nominating me for “The Versatile Blogger Award.” I am indeed indebted to my fellow bloggers, who have shown their constant motivational support by Liking, Commenting, Following and not to forget Inspiring me… Check out his blog PrashantT for beautiful reads on different genres ranging from poetry to travel blogs.  The Rules– Show … Read more

A Twinkle So Dear


It’s been a long time Since I have heard You to be excited about something In words describing the joy It brings to you… It’s been a long time Since you spoke About something with passion That captured your imagination And put a spring in your steps. It’s been a long time Since I caught … Read more