A Forbidden Romance

forbidden romance

A Forbidden Romance Greater the risk, More the craving and temptation, The prize, a forbidden fruit. ….. There is an allure, To the forbidden, Ecstatic. Unadulterated. ….. Outwardly shameful, Inwardly sating, The game is a labyrinth.  ….. Higher stakes, Goals defined; breaking all rules, Moral beast of blissful freedom. ….. Free of Societal inhibitions, Emerging … Read more

Chandramauli; Cool Rays Of Moonlight

Chandramauli Cool Rays Of Moonlight

Chandramauli; Cool Rays Of Moonlight Layers of silver moonlight Beaming through the night, Shall reveal, the girl Born of moon and star. Her smooth skin Young and glowing Dreamy eyes Lingering sensuality. The wind carelessly Tossing and caressing her hair Lissome steps tread the path. …… Dance with me Tonight is the night Of reckless … Read more

Intone of Redemptive Harmony


Intone of Redemptive Harmony At the edge Of quiet golden shores Emerald blue rippling waves Serenity; Not the seagulls, not the winds Can voice the memories Hidden in my heart. …… Isolation spins Its mysterious cocoon Regret; Remorse: Ramifications; The island of self-pity Knows no other human voices No other footprints. …… A wiser person … Read more

Forever A Tourist

Forever A Tourist

Forever A Tourist On the highway  Of life I am  Forever a tourist. Insignificant, maybe, But not a shadow on the sidewalk of society; Borrowing the experiences of others — Continuing on my merry way. Overcaked makeup, Diamond jewellery; Gucci Booties, Are not my style. Camera draped around my neck, Capturing every moment, Travelling in … Read more

Saga of INS Vikrant

saga of INS Vikrant

    Saga of INS Vikrant Deployed to serve my nation, To thwart any invasion, In the boundless blue seas, With the powers that be, Beaten by storms and aquamarine, Forever ready for the unforeseen, I survived through the spirit of law, Jayema Sam Yudhi Sprdhah*  Beyond fear and trepidation, And stretch of the imagination, … Read more

A Friend: Someone no one can replace

No pretences, Just ourselves, Bare, naked souls, No egos, Full acceptance of each other’s Weakness and strength Non-judgmental That’s a friend… Sitting quietly over tea, Or, a gap of months, No words spoken, Still communication intact, One look and a joke is shared, Cribbing sessions too, Offload your souls That’s a friend… Different moods, different … Read more