Twilight As the blazing sun is laid to rest, And the twilight draws near, The once warm air turns cold and still, It’s a perfect time to light a bonfire With friends to sit around Sporting welcoming smiles. Long drawn out shadows gently fade, As dimming skies let stars appear The birds gradually fall silent … Read more

A Vicious Cycle

Vicious Cycle

Vicious Cycle Ah, Withered expectations; they crumble to the ground! And nothing but emptiness and your shattered dreams it leaves around. Playing tricks on your gullible unsuspecting mind….. it casts a mirage of a perfect fantasy. Taking that fateful step towards uncertainty with a  heart full of blissful unrealistic luring expectations, You will find yourself stumbling upon … Read more

Let Love Rule Your Heart

Let Love Rule Your Heart

Let Love Rule Your Heart Let love rule your heart, Gratitude reflects in your eyes. Let your smile spread miles and miles of happiness, Bringing cheer to all near and dear. Feel the magic in the air, As the glow of love strengthens the bonds. With the flames of love kindled in every heart and home, … Read more

Back Then and Now

Then and Now

Back Then and Now Enjoyed life. Stayed awake; Past my bedtime To play a little longer. Looked forward to each day, Going to school meeting friends, Bunking classes No matter what the weather, Summer heat or rain We would make the best of it. * Staying back after school. Practising for annual day, sports days … Read more

Inheriting a Substantial Fortune


Inheriting a substantial fortune Is a matter of chance luck or destiny Fortune and misfortune, both are intertwined. All part of the scheme of things Of a plan divine. * Fear not the future Nor fortune-teller. If you can hear the Angels fly Then I think You just got the truest blessing. * Time flew; … Read more