My Strength, My Inspiration


I don’t remember your first kiss on my cheeks Nor do I remember your first hug But what I remember is Your comforting smile as I got my final results How you held my hand when I panicked, And helped banish my blues How you helped heal my wounds, And the fact that you are … Read more

A Tribute: Happy Birthday Maa


Ponytails to perming. Henna to streaking Periods to childbirth. Approaching thunderstorms To fallen trees A flood of emotions Childhood memories And emotional saturation Threatening to overflow The banks of memories. I had trained myself To hold my breath Coordinating it with yours Listening to your heartbeat As I cuddled up beside you Nestled in the … Read more

Little Boy Joy


  By: Ranjeeta Nath Ghai I left sorrow and trekked on. I met a little boy His name was Joy. In the village ahead, where he lived Dreams and Happiness ruled the world. Content and Bliss planted the fragrant flowers With Nature as their mother. Love was the flavour they sprinkled On the food, they … Read more

My First Blog Anniversary :-)

Today 30th March 2017 is my first Blog Anniversary. And boy Am I happy…? Yes, I am happy… very very happy 🙂 I was about to publish my Book ‘Mann Ki आरज़ू’ (online you’ll find it as ‘Mann Ki Aarzoo’). I had started this blog because people told me that to bring my book to the public … Read more

Mood Swings: Photo Challenge #158

 Mood Swings: Photo Challenge #158 Prickly sensations, Unreasonable anger, Building up at times. Hurtful words, Like a razor-sharp dagger, Tumbling out. Anger, fear, terror, Hurts, smiles and laughs, Ecstasy and euphoria, Happiness and heartbreaks, And changing mindsets, Like changing clothes. Mood swings; Constantly switching sides. Photo Challenge #158 © All Rights Reserved. ©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  … Read more

Lockout Your Fears And Cast A Spell

Cast A Spell

Lockout Your Fears And Cast A Spell There inside of you; In your heart and soul More than you, I shall dwell… Bringing loads of happiness Quenching your thirst and Weaving magic, I shall cast my spell, Lockout your fears And love you enough to last you For a lifetime; For your whole life through. … Read more

Lovely Solidarity Blogger Award


Being a part of the Solidarity Blogger’s family brings me immense happiness and joy. Each author here has something to contribute to the WordPress world. I am short of words to express my gratitude to Mr.Ngobesing Romanus for nominating me for this award. Initially, I was a little sceptical as to how would I execute the … Read more

An Emptiness That Doesn’t Ever Go Away


Each time we talk I can hear the love in your voice Hiding behind your feelings And keeping the truth locked away, But there is so much said In the things that you don’t openly say. The distance fate put between us Is nothing but a test of patience. For real love doesn’t ever go … Read more