A Father’s Love

A Father's Love

 A Father’s Love His big hands reached out to me And cradled me close in bed. His comforting hands Stroked my hair and back, Letting me know that everything Will be better with him beside me. Fathers are simply irreplaceable Lucky are those who have their Father’s Love SharePinShareTweet0 Shares

‘Victim’ of Your Own Vices

‘Victim’ of Your Own Vices Work; toil and repeat. Seeking excellence in all that you do Your mind forever encased In a web of thoughts Trying to clear your head is futile For every time you try to break free You get caught in the ‘Maya Jaal’* Bright moon and shining stars Radiant sun and … Read more

24 Hours, A True Short Story

Short Story

Know your past  Grow in the present  And prepare for the future. That’s what her life As an officer’s wife had taught her. She stood in the kitchen making his favourite food…Sambhar and Dosa, when he entered and headed straight for the bedroom searching for her.  “Madhu..? Where are you he called out,” and then reached the … Read more

An Emotional Detox


An Emotional Detox Clean walls. Clean sheets. Clean cupboards. No dirt, no grime, no mess. A clean house. Everything is neat and in its place. But how I miss Those cluttered tables Broken crayons, books, clothes all strewn around Walls smeared all red and blue And all the mess you create. A clean home I … Read more

Whispers Of A Broken Prose

Whispers Of A Broken Prose

Whispers Of A Broken Prose On the wings of illusion Without hesitation, I continue the old ritual Cherishing most what I desire. The constant cravings Trapped between A hungry heart’s gorge Eclipsed by fate My love traverses Down erratic paths building bridges Bonds and connection, thus Saving our sacred matrimony. With deliberate oversight, With the power … Read more