The Caged Bird

The Caged Bird

The Caged Bird Clipped wings Gloomy eyes Flight only an illusion now. Watching the hawk Circling the open skies My eyes keep darting to the horizon Waiting for a new dawn Hoping; praying for a time Where today will be a history. —–XxXxX—– © All Rights Reserved. ©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  Atrangi Zindagi Ka Safar, 2016. … Read more

Little Girl Sorrow: Series 1/3

Little Girl

By: Ranjeeta Nath Ghai I met a little girl Her name was Sorrow. Depression was her best friend Pain and Loneliness her escorts. Solitude and Quietude were her sisters Whom she adored. Together they created a vacuum to tight And an abyss so deep that none could penetrate. Unwept tears lay frozen in her eyes … Read more

Hoping Against Hope

Hoping Against Hope

Hoping Against Hope A crimson sunset Horizon ablaze With splendour or Mixed colours in the evening skies Eyes shining With unrequited passion Hugging your memories; Holding on to them tightly Close to my heart “See you later,” you said As we were parting. It’s been two years now And I’m still reminiscing over Every second … Read more

Call of the Silent Dell

Call of the Silent Dell Those things I see Behind my closed eyes Are more than just shades of grey. Time rewinds and replays in my head. Nothing changes; I have been here many times before. Echoes from yesterday, Make me realize How flawed, vulnerable, lonely, Cynical and proud… I have morphed into. ~0~ I … Read more

An Emptiness That Doesn’t Ever Go Away


Each time we talk I can hear the love in your voice Hiding behind your feelings And keeping the truth locked away, But there is so much said In the things that you don’t openly say. The distance fate put between us Is nothing but a test of patience. For real love doesn’t ever go … Read more

Life’s Little Pleasures

little pleasures

The fog lay dancing in the air, Hiding the sun’s rays that lay resting gently, On the leaves; romancing them. Cognizant dreams; A cup of tea brewed by my son. Words forsake me, As I relish in delight and genuine gratitude, At Life’s never-ending changes. Reminiscing and relishing the reminder of finer days. * Meditative … Read more

Counting Broken Promises

  I wonder sometimes, Why people make promises? Promises they won’t be able to keep. Promises they’ll break. Do they want to keep us safe? Or is it just a way, To postpone an issue? * Promising words not, Followed by actions is like, Darkness, at the edge of the sight. So many pretty promises, … Read more

Nothing Is Ever Finished

I keep your memories Locked in a box, Hidden in my heart. Like you keep Your love for me, Hidden in your mind. * Incomplete; Without the piece You took from me. Life is a spectrum that exists Between the black and white. Grey; being questions that have no answer. * Memories of you: forever … Read more

Restrained Ambitions and Inborn Passions

Passion is happiness and bliss. It is pain and tears. It is tumultuous. Passion is victory, triumph and delight. Soul burning up with the most violent flame; passion. Where passion leads; fools follow. ***** Scandalous rumours Lustful whispers; jealous lovers, Restrained ambitions of the insanely devoted, Hallucinating geniuses trading sleep for progress, Inglorious bastards, born … Read more

So Near Yet So Far

So Near Yet So Far

Every moment we once spent together, near or far, Wrapped in your warm embrace, Has returned to haunt my heart now. *** Missing you and dreaming of you, That ever so perfect moment, Will never be forgotten. *** The first time we hugged, As we took in each other’s embrace once more, Our lips colliding … Read more