Purrfect Pawsome Pawtails: My Biggest Treasure

Purrfect Treasure

Purrfect Pawsome Pawtails: My Biggest Treasure It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last, Cruelty against them leaves me aghast, No money on earth can match this pleasure, My furry buddies are my biggest treasure, Their happiness and well-being is my award, Thoughts of abandonment are abhorred. A purrfect*, pawsome** family Of cat … Read more

A Facade of Laughing Bonhomie

A Facade of Laughing Bonhomie

A Facade of Laughing Bonhomie Behind her facade, Is a sorrow with reason. A girl who was filled with, Insecurities, and sadness. Emotions; locked and imprisoned, Like a tiny white-winged dove. * Behind her facade, I know a different person. Who lives in a hope with dying light, Looking happy and carefree. Hiding a boiling, … Read more

Shall We Agree To Disagree

Shall We Agree To Disagree

Shall We Agree To Disagree Tell me, Shall we agree to disagree- That fear exists only in the mind And wealth is entirely subjective * Tell me, Shall we agree to disagree- That poetry is a form of expression; a means to protest, It’s not for the faint of heart but for the strong in … Read more

Nothing Is Ever Finished

Nothing Is Ever Finished I keep your memories Locked in a box, Hidden in my heart. Like you keep Your love for me, Hidden in your mind. * Incomplete; Without the piece You took from me. Life is a spectrum that exists Between the black and white. Grey; being questions that have no answer. * … Read more

Sometimes It’s Just Better To Pretend

Sometimes It's Just Better To Pretend

Sometimes It’s Just Better To Pretend I’ll pretend Once again To be fine and happy That lies and deceit don’t bother me anymore That I don’t feel sad, that nothing hurts me anymore. * I’ll pretend Once again That I didn’t notice your silence That I don’t feel bad That you are forever busy and … Read more

Dancing With the Devil

Dancing With the Devil My heart is beating… That’s all I hear. Getting faster and faster, Head pounding with every second that goes by. Constant nausea; plagued by fear. Tightness in my chest, Suffocating: I can’t breathe. ***** I need to get out of here, I need to breathe. Sweating cold bullets of fear, I … Read more

Childhood Calling

Getting caught in troubles during childhood, Hopscotching. Skipping. Jumping. Falling. I would jump and skate, Being a daredevil, Always getting bruises and scars, But that didn’t stop me from going bizarre. *** I wish today, I could behave like I did as a kid. To be out in the sea, Soaking up the sun and … Read more

Rendezvous with Silence

Rendezvous with Silence Silence; A sure shot way to connect with the inner self, Dousing the flames of uncertainty, Silence is to be deciphered. Silence; When words are in slumber, And your echoes thunder… Try listening to the silence. Silence; Some are grey skies waiting to pour, While some are raging storms, Seeking peace; calmness … Read more

Passion Untrammelled

Passion Untrammelled Lustful whispers; Fires of passion, Burning relentlessly; Unique, Not random or undefined. Eyes flickering so brilliantly, Irresistible lips; As fiery passion consumes, Erratic breathing; Passionate embrace; Almost teasing; almost retreating, The winds of passion tugging at hearts, Intertwined bodies; Souls dancing passionately; Heart screams; lust satisfied, Passion now a quiet past moment. … … Read more

Break Away From the Cacophony

Break Away From the Cacophony Dead to the core, but moving still, Trying to make a change. Letting go; breaking down to cry; cacophony When adversity strikes. *** Dragging our feet, Watching; waiting to hear the siren’s call. Pushing onward until we find, The answer to this, inside our mind. *** We slog ourselves every … Read more