An Answer You Don’t Want

Why do you write? What is the need to write? Your first book didn’t sell…! You indulged in this nonsense once, Now I won’t back you for another…! Bickering. Bitterness. Isn’t that a wonderful response your spouse gives you? When you tell him of your dream. When did we get so good at this? Causing … Read more

A Cigarette Half Finished

You had come over To resolve a fight before you left We all sat together once again Chatting and laughing Till you asked me to prepare a pizza for you. You just loved it the way I baked it Grudging that I’ll miss all the fun But happy that we were together again I cooked … Read more

You Just Fell In Love with Me

Fell In Love

Wake up; smelling the roses. Walk with me through the fields. Sit with me watching the sunset. Dance with me in the pouring rain. But be careful… For one day you’ll realize, You are hopelessly in love with me. * At first, you will not realize this feeling., For only I feel that I am two, … Read more

Roots and Limbs

Roots and Limbs

Plant me in another garden Where my roots Aren’t ripped out of the ground Where enveloped by rich soil My roots shall be free to explore the depths of the earth. * Plant me in another garden Where the squirrels will run Right up to the branches And leaves, and whisper among them Trying to … Read more

Trapped In a Sea Of Hatred

Nuclear warheads; Terror of trenches; The futility of war. Brutality; suffering. Destruction and sadness. Blood flowing, eyes eschew. * As I glance along the path the world travels, It seems so narrow now, But at the time it seemed the only way. I realize; Despite our desires, We are living our lives on the edge, … Read more

From Beyond the Clouds

Earthbound: as you descend the skies Saying goodbye to the heights The vast blue Would be the first to vanish Where the dreams burgeon and blooms Into a harvest. Gliding gracefully Across the valleys and over the bridges At a height where birds cannot reach Endless voyages To your home; Oblivious of impending dangers Across … Read more

To Dig Up Knowledge, You Have To Dig Around

Dig Up Knowledge

Sweating students; Anxious parents; Invigilating teachers Clinking of pencil boxes, Scratching of quills, Rustling of paper, Mindless pouring out of knowledge. *** Students write, scribble and scrawl, In the solemn air of the exam hall; brain dead they are. Diarrhea of all sorts spilling onto papers. Doodling with numbers, And complexities of their vocabulary. Combating … Read more

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

A Bittersweet Ache

Mistakes Reminders of failure. Sometimes voluntarily; by design Other accidental; by default; by habit. Trying hard to be perfect. Time goes by, Days turn into weeks, Weeks to months and years. ***** Unable to accept, We are but flawed creatures. Truth be told, There’s no such thing as a mistake. Only lessons learned, Accidents. Mistakes. … Read more