Purple Lips

Purple Lips A homeless orphan Out in the open Limp fingers; Numb from the cold, Purple lips, Dying for a hot cup of tea. The snowflakes are falling And slipping through frozen fingers No one to help and none to keep All along she’s known… She knew she’s all alone. Yet a flicker of hope Keeps … Read more

Sorry: A Meaningless Word

Sorry A Meaningless Word

Meaningless Word ” ‘Sorry’ no longer carries The weight it once did. When excuses are repeated often, The meaning of it diminishes. Chances are, They become mere words, Hanging out of our lips, Meaningless….” © All Rights Reserved. ©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  Atrangi Zindagi Ka Safar, 2016. Follow my writings on #yourquote From The Admin’s Desk Do you … Read more