Welcome To New Beginnings

Welcome To New Beginnings

Flower to fruit. Infant to an adult. Silence before the storm. Caterpillar to butterfly. Peace after war Recovery after illness, Healing after injury… Triumph after a loss. Happiness; contentment after pain Ray of light at the end of a dark tunnel. * Accompanied by turmoil and trepidation, Foreboding and disquiet, Discomposure and dismay. From desolation … Read more

Flattery: A Barbed Crown

I never could understand Whether to be flattered; With head turned up to the clouds, Or stand back and be suspicious. * While the fire of criticism, Welds my mind back to sense. Prudence is at risk of being washed away, By the soft rain of flattery. * A twist of your tongue…and, Words rolling … Read more

An Answer You Don’t Want

Why do you write? What is the need to write? Your first book didn’t sell…! You indulged in this nonsense once, Now I won’t back you for another…! Bickering. Bitterness. Isn’t that a wonderful response your spouse gives you? When you tell him of your dream. When did we get so good at this? Causing … Read more