Chandramauli; Cool Rays Of Moonlight

Chandramauli Cool Rays Of Moonlight

Chandramauli; Cool Rays Of Moonlight Layers of silver moonlight Beaming through the night, Shall reveal, the girl Born of moon and star. Her smooth skin Young and glowing Dreamy eyes Lingering sensuality. The wind carelessly Tossing and caressing her hair Lissome steps tread the path. …… Dance with me Tonight is the night Of reckless … Read more

To The Night’s Dark Seduction

night's dark seduction

To The Night’s Dark Seduction A ripple;  A downpour, Vibrant waters, Of love and ecstasy, Every drop an elixir, Urging. Coaxing. Inviting To take a plunge. Drenched with vibrancy, Ablution of negativity, And distrust, You, holding my hand And me, Holding my breath, Uncertain. Unknowing. Together, Taking a deep breath, Under the water, There’s another … Read more

A Saga of Love

A Saga of Love

A Saga of Love Idle Moments. Fleeting memories. Stolen touches, No contact with skin, Yet souls touching, Mingling. Dancing together, In gay abandon, Ecstatic. Erotic. Exotic. Hearts drumming in unison, In the ears so loudly, As though the world can hear. Eyes speaking, As if mating, Wild and promiscuous, Yearnings and desires unleashed, Ardent. Earnest. … Read more