Tempted To Break All Rules


Tempted To Break All Rules The wait is agonizing, maddening. Anxiety pulling me under. The fallout is sudden, Quick and relentless. Scattering the plans, the serpent Of bad luck rises. Destroying my dreams; Blowing them to smithereens. ~0~ Vicious desires running wild, Heart pleading; Like a child does for a treat denied. The dullest blade, … Read more

In A World of Facts and Truths


In A World of Facts and Truths A wordsmith; an illusionist, And an imperfect person. Filled with hopes, dreams and optimism. A dreamer I am; seeking the audience of the stars. A romantic soul; with a million scars Carved on walls of my heart. * Forever rebelling against Confines of conformity; Constrictions; Hypocrisy; lack of … Read more