A Facade of Laughing Bonhomie

A Facade of Laughing Bonhomie

A Facade of Laughing Bonhomie Behind her facade, Is a sorrow with reason. A girl who was filled with, Insecurities, and sadness. Emotions; locked and imprisoned, Like a tiny white-winged dove. * Behind her facade, I know a different person. Who lives in a hope with dying light, Looking happy and carefree. Hiding a boiling, … Read more

Nothing Is Ever Finished

Nothing Is Ever Finished I keep your memories Locked in a box, Hidden in my heart. Like you keep Your love for me, Hidden in your mind. * Incomplete; Without the piece You took from me. Life is a spectrum that exists Between the black and white. Grey; being questions that have no answer. * … Read more

Break Away From the Cacophony

Break Away From the Cacophony Dead to the core, but moving still, Trying to make a change. Letting go; breaking down to cry; cacophony When adversity strikes. *** Dragging our feet, Watching; waiting to hear the siren’s call. Pushing onward until we find, The answer to this, inside our mind. *** We slog ourselves every … Read more

Another Bullet Flew By

Another Bullet Flew By

Another Bullet Flew By Enlisted To serve the country Enthusiasm; zest, Vitality; dynamism, A part of his personality. With no taste for… Ping Zing Diplomacy, An officer is born. ***** Bullets zinging past him, dust flying, Bound together, they fight. Back to back, Brothers from another time. He doesn’t fight, Because he hates what’s in front, … Read more

A Twinkle So Dear


A Twinkle So Dear It’s been a long time Since I have heard You to be excited about something In words describing the joy It brings to you… It’s been a long time Since you spoke About something with passion That captured your imagination And put a spring in your steps. It’s been a long … Read more

Walking With the Moon

Walking With the Moon Breeze whispering in my ears. Puddles on the ground, Reflecting the heavens and the moon above. Potholes brimming with rainwater, Teasing; a perfect invitation for splashing around. *** A cool starless misty night. The streetlights seem ghostly, Through a misty haze. Rushing of wings; hooting owls, and, Mist doesn’t enslave my … Read more

Mauli, You’ll Be Lonely No More

Mauli, You’ll Be Lonely No More Lonely no more; her moment will come, To unleash her fiercest desires. When desires will no longer be tamed, Passions burning hotter than the sun. *** Having dwelt in them so long, Her heart had turned to ice; Numb and cold, Eyes fierce; yet delicate. *** A fiery temperament; … Read more

A Shattered Dream

A Shattered Dream Trembling and bewildered, Standing bravely in the middle of a crisis, Heart remaining the same as it is, She acts… Her woes, Obviously masked. *** Those blank expressions, Her scars she’s hidden after the incident. No one knows, She’s dying inside. No one knows, How much is weighing down on her shoulders. … Read more

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

A Bittersweet Ache

Two Sides Of The Same Coin Mistakes Reminders of failure. Sometimes voluntarily; by design Other accidental; by default; by habit. Trying hard to be perfect. Time goes by, Days turn into weeks, Weeks to months and years. ***** Unable to accept, We are but flawed creatures. Truth be told, There’s no such thing as a … Read more

Reclaiming The Victory Of Life

Reclaiming The Victory Of Life Biting my tongue for long, Keeping words Back from the surface, Caged feelings; Feeling chained down Trying hard Not let them words, escape That would jeopardize my entire soul. ***** To keep away from My desires Turning a blind eye To the misdeeds Of my heart And heavy-hearted sentiments. I’ve … Read more