A Facade of Laughing Bonhomie

A Facade of Laughing Bonhomie

Behind her facade, Is a sorrow with reason. A girl who was filled with, Insecurities, and sadness. Emotions; locked and imprisoned, Like a tiny white-winged dove. * Behind her facade, I know a different person. Who lives in a hope with dying light, Looking happy and carefree. Hiding a boiling, raging love, Longing to be … Read more

Nothing Is Ever Finished

I keep your memories Locked in a box, Hidden in my heart. Like you keep Your love for me, Hidden in your mind. * Incomplete; Without the piece You took from me. Life is a spectrum that exists Between the black and white. Grey; being questions that have no answer. * Memories of you: forever … Read more

Break Away From the Cacophony

Dead to the core, but moving still, Trying to make a change. Letting go; breaking down to cry; cacophony When adversity strikes. *** Dragging our feet, Watching; waiting to hear the siren’s call. Pushing onward until we find, The answer to this, inside our mind. *** We slog ourselves every day, And attempt to stand … Read more

Another Bullet Flew By

Another Bullet Flew By

Enlisted To serve the country Enthusiasm; zest, Vitality; dynamism, A part of his personality. With no taste for… Ping Zing Diplomacy, An officer is born. ***** Bullets zinging past him, dust flying, Bound together, they fight. Back to back, Brothers from another time. He doesn’t fight, Because he hates what’s in front, But to protect those, … Read more

A Twinkle So Dear


It’s been a long time Since I have heard You to be excited about something In words describing the joy It brings to you… It’s been a long time Since you spoke About something with passion That captured your imagination And put a spring in your steps. It’s been a long time Since I caught … Read more

Walking With the Moon

  Breeze whispering in my ears. Puddles on the ground, Reflecting the heavens and the moon above. Potholes brimming with rainwater, Teasing; a perfect invitation for splashing around. *** A cool starless misty night. The streetlights seem ghostly, Through a misty haze. Rushing of wings; hooting owls, and, Mist doesn’t enslave my eyes anymore. *** … Read more

Mauli, You’ll Be Lonely No More

  Lonely no more; her moment will come, To unleash her fiercest desires. When desires will no longer be tamed, Passions burning hotter than the sun. *** Having dwelt in them so long, Her heart had turned to ice; Numb and cold, Eyes fierce; yet delicate. *** A fiery temperament; alike that of a tigress, … Read more

A Shattered Dream

Trembling and bewildered, Standing bravely in the middle of a crisis, Heart remaining the same as it is, She acts… Her woes, Obviously masked. *** Those blank expressions, Her scars she’s hidden after the incident. No one knows, She’s dying inside. No one knows, How much is weighing down on her shoulders. *** I could … Read more

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

A Bittersweet Ache

Mistakes Reminders of failure. Sometimes voluntarily; by design Other accidental; by default; by habit. Trying hard to be perfect. Time goes by, Days turn into weeks, Weeks to months and years. ***** Unable to accept, We are but flawed creatures. Truth be told, There’s no such thing as a mistake. Only lessons learned, Accidents. Mistakes. … Read more

Reclaiming The Victory Of Life

Biting my tongue for long, Keeping words Back from the surface, Caged feelings; Feeling chained down Trying hard Not let them words, escape That would jeopardize my entire soul. ***** To keep away from My desires Turning a blind eye To the misdeeds Of my heart And heavy-hearted sentiments. I’ve forgotten what it feels like … Read more