The Orange Dot

The Orange Dot An orange dot on the bell “You have new notifications” A rush of elation. “My poem is trending?” “Strangers ‘Like’ my work?” A ‘Follow’; means that My thoughts matter. Someone somewhere Understands something about me. I too have carved a niche for myself In this big wide world. Each and every notification … Read more

24 Hours, A True Short Story

Short Story

Know your past  Grow in the present  And prepare for the future. That’s what her life As an officer’s wife had taught her. She stood in the kitchen making his favourite food…Sambhar and Dosa, when he entered and headed straight for the bedroom searching for her.  “Madhu..? Where are you he called out,” and then reached the … Read more

Media: Manipulating Facts To Fill Their Plate

Media: Manipulating Facts To Fill Their Plate Newspaper, television Paid media and journos Selling outrageous stories Of jealousy and treason Betrayals and communal discord. ~~ Some with intent to destroy Others spreading rumours. They don’t care whom the hurt Loving hypocrisy and trolling To making outlandish statements As long as their story is juicy. ~~ … Read more