A Walk Down The Memory Lane

A Walk Down The Memory Lane

By- Ranjeeta Nath Ghai Now and thenI walk down the memory laneRecalling every wordYou ever spokePainstaking hoursYou spent with meMentoring and covering upAll my broken promisesYou were the sword I wieldedWhen adversities struck meSo just as a dewdropKeeps its promise with the wild roseA rainbow keeps its promiseWith the skyThe heavens keep its promiseWith the … Read more

A Legend: Amitabh Bachchan

amitabh bachchan a legend

Can you define a legend? Well, I can… He is none other than my favourite Amitabh Bachchan… Same as everyone in the universe, And yet so different, Even the existence is so meaningful Having the power to rebuilt From scratch; from pain Was a LEGEND Reborn again, Pushing limits Carving out best memories From a … Read more

A Tribute: Happy Birthday Maa


Ponytails to perming. Henna to streaking Periods to childbirth. Approaching thunderstorms To fallen trees A flood of emotions Childhood memories And emotional saturation Threatening to overflow The banks of memories. I had trained myself To hold my breath Coordinating it with yours Listening to your heartbeat As I cuddled up beside you Nestled in the … Read more

There Is a ‘Kid’ In Everyone: Prosetry


Me a kid to have enjoyed this. There is a ‘kid’ in everyone. But now all we have is Forgotten dreams. You play a son, a father, a husband Shielding and protecting your family from the world You conquered your fears and braved all odds You are meant to fly higher Higher than even what … Read more

Hoping Against Hope

Hoping Against Hope

Hoping Against Hope A crimson sunset Horizon ablaze With splendour or Mixed colours in the evening skies Eyes shining With unrequited passion Hugging your memories; Holding on to them tightly Close to my heart “See you later,” you said As we were parting. It’s been two years now And I’m still reminiscing over Every second … Read more

Acceptance Series


Acceptance Series (1/8) People will find their way Into your life But not everyone stays Accept that now. Acceptance Series (2/8) You may prioritise someone In your life But you are not theirs Accept that now. Acceptance Series(3/8) Life is not a blur It’s a whirl You’re spinning and can’t stop it. Accept that now. … Read more

But For the Faint Memories


But For the Faint Memories Long ago I knew a girl Wistful and naughty. Hiking a trail through my memories I searched every path; followed every trail, Till I almost lost my way. * Fragments of memories Played in my mind Like a vintage film in black n white. And suddenly; within a moment, She … Read more

Memories: Treasures of A Lifetime


Memories: Treasures of A Lifetime The stretched rays of the sun in all its brilliance At dawn or at dusk. Memories of the first kiss sealed with Eternal bond of pain and pleasure. Bygone yesterdays; Swallowed by the tales Of misery, laughter and the mysteries. Some told some untold. Some fractured truths, some beautiful lies, … Read more

Look Back and Smile


Look Back and Smile Feelings Emotions Many we know Some we can feel Loneliness. Anxiety. Love. Hate… And all that it brings; but, only a few we understand. * Sometime, somewhere, Journeying through your life You happen to chance upon That One amongst the millions Without whom life feels empty And all the shades are … Read more

Walking Towards Hope


Walking Towards Hope Your sweet memories Folding me tenderly Entrapped in you. While tranquil melodies play in my mind Subduing my fears Our relationship is not Based on lightheartedness. Losing track of time Just waiting to be discovered. We thrive in a place Where laughter floats on the wind Where two people can learn to … Read more