Rumours: Weapons Of The Meek


Rumours: Weapons Of The Meek Rumours; They tell me so many things That I don’t know about myself Things that I have supposedly done But are news to me. Tales that are at times surprisingly Hilarious or annoying. Altering the truth to fit their existence They are the weapons of the meek And people with … Read more

Living in A State Of Denial: “Prosetry”

State Of Denial

By: Ranjeeta Nath Ghai I accept that the truth hurts But what hurts more Is living in a state of denial. Afraid of facing the truth. Overwhelmed by our dysfunctional world We constantly practice denial Ignoring reality Idealising the non-existent Taking refuge in nostalgia We refuse to let it go. Choking on self-respect I wonder … Read more

Facing Reality

Facing Reality

Facing Reality Meeting you was fate, Destiny, chance whatever Thinking of you is inevitable. I fell in love with the idea of you. Expecting anything from you Is an unrealistic idea. Hesitantly at first but Now I realise it. Thus, to safeguard The fictional relationship I once thought we shared. To avoid My mind from teaming up … Read more