True Blue

True Blue

True Blue Blue is the sky on hot summer days Blue is the ink in my pen That’s bleeding poetry on the paper Blue are my lenses that I love to donne Blue are the shirts that my father wears Blue is the bruise that I often wince at Blue is the wave of the … Read more

Caress of Blissful Divinity


Caress of Blissful Divinity Separated; like the night sky from the day, Caress; the soft embrace of love, pulling at their heartstrings, A desire of a union meant to be withheld. Love tearing them apart with a cruel and swift hand. The world split in half, And on each end were lovers… The sun and the … Read more

Walking With the Moon

Walking With the Moon Breeze whispering in my ears. Puddles on the ground, Reflecting the heavens and the moon above. Potholes brimming with rainwater, Teasing; a perfect invitation for splashing around. *** A cool starless misty night. The streetlights seem ghostly, Through a misty haze. Rushing of wings; hooting owls, and, Mist doesn’t enslave my … Read more

A Tune So Grand

A Tune So Grand The muffled sound of your baby breathing. Voice of your parents on the phone. Sharing thoughts with your beloved, Or screaming of kids as they play Is a tune so grand. *** In the midst of silence; at nightfall, The sky turns into a sheet of grey. Thunder, lightning and droplets … Read more

The Wolf and The Moon

The Wolf and The Moon

The Wolf and The Moon It cries  With every part of its being For a love It can never touch. *** The hollowness That floods his soul  Grey gloomy skies, and Cloudy coverings. *** Whispers from the moon Resounding across universe Deepest desires; darkest secrets Hovering amongst clouds. *** The moon sings that song Which … Read more

Chandramauli; Cool Rays Of Moonlight

Chandramauli Cool Rays Of Moonlight

Chandramauli; Cool Rays Of Moonlight Layers of silver moonlight Beaming through the night, Shall reveal, the girl Born of moon and star. Her smooth skin Young and glowing Dreamy eyes Lingering sensuality. The wind carelessly Tossing and caressing her hair Lissome steps tread the path. …… Dance with me Tonight is the night Of reckless … Read more