Enjoying The Proclivity Of Nature’s Grace


  Living close to nature, Following the rainbow up in the sky, Loving Every bit of my solitude Enjoying the morning chorus of birds, Fragrance of the flowers Pitter-patter Of rain Warmth Of the sun, The smell of fog in the air… I have a proclivity to enjoy Nature’s grace, Again, and again… Follow my … Read more

Little Joy & Little Sorrow

By: Ranjeeta Nath Ghai The Little Girl Sorrow. The Little Boy Joy. Born from the womb Of Mother Nature. Residing in her heart Each incomplete without the other. To experience the pleasure of being with Little Joy One must meet Little Sorrow first. Absence of Little Joy is the reason Little Sorrow wastes into another … Read more

The Watchmaker: Always Moving Time Forward

The Watchmaker

 The Watchmaker Standing here and watching The horizons close down As the clouds float by, Birds hasten back to their nests And the night shall go whispering past… On the verge of tomorrow and the brink Of today, my heartbeats quicken As my thoughts and images expand. Overcoming the unreal fears of today And investing in … Read more

An Intense, Insistent Lover

Intense, Insistent Lover

An Intense, Insistent Lover Quaint waves Streaming sunlight, And a gently rocking sea. What an intense, insistent lover With desire deep within Must the sea be!! Even the jagged rocks seem to melt. —–XxXxX—– Follow my writings on #yourquote From The Admin’s Desk Do you want to capture the blog world? Feel free to send in … Read more

Footprints on the Wind


  Sombre winter’s hues of grey Grey foggy skies, and Cold wintery breeze. Tiny rivulets of condensed vapours Leaves scars on the glass windows, and Erosion on the nails on which my money plants hangs. Brazen rays of the sun that once blazed down upon us Now reduced to vanishing sunlight Vulnerable and beautiful in … Read more

Flickering, Burning Inflammable Thoughts


Flickering. Crackling. Burning. So powerful yet twisting, Sensuously; incitingly. Flickering coyly; Swayin’; her radiance reflected outside She grows and burns strong. Ignited; with enough power, To burn everything in her path. Fueled by love, hate, passion. She’ll grow and flourish. Her movements; as she sways Burns with passion. The air and silence sign a silent … Read more

Love Makes the World Go Round


I never thought Not even for a moment That I would stumble across An abandoned motherless kitten Of just two weeks old. * And yet here I am tonight Feeding it; nursing it, Through the day, through the night Only to keep it alive. A surrogate human mom. * No feelings are hidden… No second … Read more

Shadows on the Wall

on the Walls

The bombed church;* A sinister looking forlorn building, Stood out in the moonlight. An eerie silence engulfed me whenever crossed it. * Shadows danced on the walls Winds whistling Through the trees whose branches Seem to snare and snarl in the moonlight. * A spectre; I can feel its power; Vibrancy; And it’s resonance, following … Read more