A Tribute: Happy Birthday Maa


Ponytails to perming. Henna to streaking Periods to childbirth. Approaching thunderstorms To fallen trees A flood of emotions Childhood memories And emotional saturation Threatening to overflow The banks of memories. I had trained myself To hold my breath Coordinating it with yours Listening to your heartbeat As I cuddled up beside you Nestled in the … Read more

Battles of A Trapped Heart


Veiled Stillness; Forgotten Aura; choked sentences, Casual demeanour, Identity suspended And a trapped heart gasping for Breath. Somewhere wrapped in riddles and Chained in memories, it’s strange how deep Are the tendrils of love strangulating your heart. Prone to be misunderstood, a victim of Dreams and expectations beyond words A lovelorn heart unexpectedly Always gets … Read more

Let The Magic Work

Let The Magic Work Rays of light Peering down from The cusp of heaven A heavenly touch of sunshine Piercing through the cloudy sky Slipping through the golden gates, As if blessing me in my Moments of personal glory, As my dreams become reality.   Looking back I feel So easy, was the idea of … Read more

Flashback: She Lit Up His World

Flashback: She Lit Up His World There he was Standing by the poolside All dressed in black With a peek of white pocket square On his dinner jacket. There she was Her brown eyes wild and bright Close enough to read his thoughts A graceful phoenix in flight; Vanquisher of the night. He reached out … Read more

Crafted Paradise

Crafted Paradise

Crafted Paradise Words of love Dipped in the ink Of passion Crafted with care. Captivating; Magical; Enticing, Forging a new relationship In a crafted paradise. —–XxXxX—– © All Rights Reserved. ©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  Atrangi Zindagi Ka Safar, 2016. Follow my writings on #yourquote From The Admin’s Desk Do you want to capture the blog world? Feel … Read more

Love, Passion And The Lovers

Love, Passion And The Lovers

Brown eyes; passion-infused One fiery glance, Glowing embers Sparks of passion Scorched in pleasure; body temperatures soaring, I caught fire. * My insatiable love and passion, Scorching hot kisses; tongues intertwined, Embers light up, Feeding my flames, Unwaveringly; devouring With much ardour, passion escalates and soars. * Your rough hands, everywhere. My world, and me, … Read more

Restrained Ambitions and Inborn Passions

Passion is happiness and bliss. It is pain and tears. It is tumultuous. Passion is victory, triumph and delight. Soul burning up with the most violent flame; passion. Where passion leads; fools follow. ***** Scandalous rumours Lustful whispers; jealous lovers, Restrained ambitions of the insanely devoted, Hallucinating geniuses trading sleep for progress, Inglorious bastards, born … Read more